Friday, 18 March, 2022 - 19:00
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12 to 12 Quintet


'Il Ritorno' is the new 12 to 12 project.”But why did they left? Back to where?” This is how the “egarenc” drummer Oriol González brew the new adventure 12 to 12, a group conceived in 2014 at the jam sessions of the Nova Jazz Cava.

The stable trio formation of recent years, Cairo-Rabascall-González, incorporates the saxophonist Ariel Vigo who nurtures the group with savoir-faire, taste and energy in the power jazz proposal to which we are accustomed to 12 to 12. At the same time, Héctor Tejedo, a new addition to the event, will let the pianist's left hand rest, accustomed to trio shows.

12 to 12 presents some themes from his 'renewed repertoire'. We hope that in 2022 they will pack them in what will be the new album of the formation.


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