Queralt AlbinyanaAlba Morera
Sunday, 13 March, 2022 - 13:00
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1,00€ (taquilla)
Concert in Pati del MNACTEC!

Queralt Albinyana Blues Trio

"El Blues d'Elles"


Blues from a female point of view. This is the proposal of the actress and singer Queralt Albinyana next to Tota Blues on the harmonica and the guitarist Martín J. Merino, around the historic courtyard of the Museu Nacional de la Ciència i la Tècnica de Catalunya. The band travels through the history of the Blues, through the most outstanding vocalists and composers. The repertoire covers an extensive artistic itinerary: from the first Blues Ladies of the 1920s and 1930s in the United States to the most influential blueswomen of recent times. The passion for African American music, the interpretive focus and the commitment of Albinyana perfectly expresses and synthesizes the experiences and feelings of the genre.



Tickets: https://mnactec.cat/ca/activitat-detall/vermut-jazz-concert-de-queralt-albinyana-el-blues-d-elles