Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza ReunionGemma Miralda Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza Reunion Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza Reunion Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza Reunion Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza Reunion Jazzterrasman 2022 - Ignasi Terraza Reunion
Friday, 25 March, 2022 - 22:00
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Premi Jazzterrasman 2022! Ignasi Terraza Reunion

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Ignasi Terraza (Barcelona, ​​1962) is the most international of our active pianists. His connection with Terrassa comes from afar, where he made his Christmas debut 37 years ago in a series of concerts as a member of the octet of La Vella Dixieland as part of the Christmas Cycle at the Friends of the Arts and JM. Since then, his presence in the city has been constant. His 42-year career runs parallel to the Terrassa Jazz Festival and the Egarenc Jazz Club.

His relentless imagination, unmatched swing and extraordinary mastery of the piano make him worthy of the 2022 Jazzterrasman Award. Defining the style of Terraza is deeply complicated by its vast language and the sources from which it is nourished. His virtuosity and sensitivity to swing make him a master of melodic improvisation, able to masterfully bring a song to his ear with amazing clarity of ideas and creative variety. He has consolidated his own personality with Mediterranean jazz, extroverted, fresh and open to the search for new forms of expression. The prestige and recognition of the musician born in the Eixample crosses continental borders and no one escapes the fact that Terraza is perhaps the most outstanding jazz pianist on our scene.

Terraza has participated in all kinds of formations, various creative alliances, especially the unprecedented meeting created for the unique evening that crowns it as the Jazzterrasman Award 2022 of the Egarenc contest. The session dedicated to his figure brings together different traveling companions and takes a tour of the various formats he has worked with and the different moments of his career, from the prolific Ignasi Terrassa Trio with Horacio Fumero and Esteve Pi or the classic quartet with Josep Ma. Farràs, Horacio Fumero and Esteve Pi. We will listen to one of the most successful projects of the moment, the quintet formed by the singer and trumpeter Andrea Motis with Joan Chamorro, Josep Traver and Esteve Pi, and the premiere of the Inusual Trio that will soon become a new record reference of the Swit Records label.



Listen to the podcast "JAZZ CLUB" with Susanna Carmona dedicated to the pianist Ignasi Terraza