Carme Canela & Jurandir SantanaXavi Almirall Migra - Marta Garret & Irene Reig Carme Canela & Jurandir Santana
Friday, 18 March, 2022 - 22:00
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25,00€ (taquilla)

Carme Canela & Jurandir Santana + Migra - Marta Garrett & Irene Reig Quintet

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22h Carme Canela & Jurandir Santana "Celebrating La Fusa"

In “Celebrating La Fusa” (Fresh Sound, 2021), Carme Canela and Jurandir Santana revisit the songs from the legendary Vinicius de Moraes album in La Fusa with Maria Creuza and Toquinho from 1970, when their 50th anniversary is commemorated. They approach the tribute with a renewed look at this masterpiece of Brazilian music, preserving the same musical naturalness and all the emotion. The result is a delight. 


Migra - Marta Garrett & Irene Reig Quintet

“Migra” is the new quintet project by Marta Garrett and Irene Reig. An innovative bet focused on the voice and saxophone as the protagonist melodic instruments, and which is presented in concert at the FJT. The proposal represents a new step forward in the artistic evolution of these two restless creators.