Friday, 11 March, 2022 - 22:00
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"Nit de Blues"

Keith Dunn Band

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Keith Dunn Band has been with "Groove Blues" for a decade and a multi-style repertoire driven by a hypnotic and intense trance blues rhythm that the audience perceives emotionally. It is a unique group with a unique instrumentation without bass, with harmonica and voice, two guitars and drums. Born in Boston and living in the Netherlands, Keith Dunn is a charismatic leader who learned his profession while performing on the best stages in the world alongside masters of blues, jazz and rock and roll. This is evident in his stage performance and fluid style. His harmonic lines are markedly percussive and inventive, they dance to the melody of the songs, and his is a typical Mississippi "juke-joint" voice. The feel and stylistic focus of Renaud Lesire’s guitar, its round tone, altered chords and powerful rhythm, are essential to the overall sound in the group. It provides forcefulness while weaving a soft rhythmic carpet that is the basis of the songs.

For its part Bart Mulders has a total mastery of the various styles and provides the necessary dose of Groove with the guitar sounds. Their solos are creative and inspired, and their rhythm compact.

From the drums, Thomas Pultyn uses the instrument to lead the band at a pace that connects the first with the audience, moves it and channels the sound of the Keith Dunn Band directly to the soul.