Tuesday, 23 March, 2010 - 22:00


“To jam” is an expression of mysterious origin that emerged in the 1930s and in jazzmen’s argot meant a gathering of musicians who did not usually work together and who, without any particular leader or defined programme or scores, would improvise based on harmonious themes or structures that were familiar to everyone. A jam session provides musicians with the chance to improvise in complete freedom, to practice techniques, styles and ideas, and to take risks or try out certain innovations. At the same time, it facilitates contact between young musicians just starting out with other, more experienced, musicians.

Jam sessions have been organized in Terrassa for many years now, and they are held at the Nova Jazz Cava every Tuesday as part of the fixed season. The 29th Festival also wishes to reflect the essence of these gatherings and uphold the spirit that is achieved all year round at the club on Passatge Tete Montoliu. Thus on Tuesday evening, the Jam Sessions will be headlining the programme.