Thursday, 26 March, 2009 - 22:00


The World Saxophone Quartet is an avant-garde jazz group founded in 1977, implementing elements of free funk and African jazz into their musical routines. Originally formed by David Murray, Julius Hemphill, Oliver Lake and Hamiet Bluiett, over all these years the band has never been out of the top five bands in Downbeat magazine’s annual Critic’s Poll. David Murray, one of the original members, is recognized as one of the most exciting tenor saxophonists in the history of jazz. He combines traditional music with blues, free jazz, world music and gospel. He produces a blistering, strident, extreme sound that symbolizes the return to pure sound. Throughout his career he has won numerous awards, including a Grammy. World Saxophone Quartet’s most recent album, ‘Political Blues’ (Justin Time, 2006), upholds the powerful, intensive spirit of jazz. The lyrics are a protest against the US government’s handling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, its stratagems during the presidential elections, its disastrous foreign policy, its relations with African countries, the Israel-Palestine conflict, the homeless... the band goes against the flow in terms of both its lyrics and its powerful, no-holds-barred sound. A master class.