Miquel Carol
Sunday, 16 March, 2008 - 19:30

Jazzterrasman 2008! Ricard Gili

Five years ago, Jazz Terrassa created an award as part of the Festival which aimed to recognise the winner’s track record and contribution to music and disseminating jazz. Soloists such as drummer Peer Wyboris, saxophonist and flautist Jorge Pardo, trumpeter Josep M. Farràs and saxophonist Johnny Griffin have all been distinguished by the organization: Spanish and international jazzmen who have starred in the closing concert of the most recent editions of the Festival and been awarded this tribute in the form of a bronze piece by local sculptor Silvia Segura. This year the award is once again being given to a Catalan trumpet player, a musician who perfectly synthesizes the spirit and aims of this award. Ricard Gili is the next Jazzterrasman. Born in Barcelona in 1948, Gili is a symbol of classical jazz. A founding member of La Locomotora Negra, the most long-standing Big Band on the Catalan scene, he later became a member of Barcelona’s Classic Jazz Foundation to support the dissemination of this particular genre. A disciple of Louis Armstrong and lover of the Count Basie and Duke Ellington sounds, Ricard Gili is one of our most active champions of jazz and a man who, from his own self-taught base, has managed to enthusiastically convey the spirit of this genre to many musicians and audiences.