RambalayaXavi Olmos
Saturday, 12 March, 2022 - 12:00
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A causa de la pluja el concert es trasllada a la Nova Jazz Cava!

Led by drummer Anton Jarl and produced by the infallible Dani Nel·lo, Rambalaya starts with the rhythm & blues of the 50's and 60's to obtain a product full of brightness and overlapping styles, achieving a surprising balance between the classic and the more current. Rambalaya is a music of roots with its own identity and composition. It is the result of the confluence of styles such as r & b, rock'n'roll or soul with a rabid look. The proposal was translated with an eponymous album, Rambalaya (Buenritmo, 2020). Solvent in composition and leftovers of instrumental skill, the septet is formed by a true all-star of musicians of the state scene.