Miquel Carol
Tuesday, 27 March, 2007 - 22:00

Jazzterrasman 2007! Record a Tete Montoliu

A special production by the Festival conceived as a heartfelt commemoration of Tete Montoliu on the tenth anniversary of his death. Ten of the twelve musicians taking part in this tribute have played with him; of the other two, one is Kirk Lightsey, who was part of the Monk Tentet All Stars, the band which played at the 17th Terrassa Jazz Festival, the first after Tete’s death, when the street on which the Nova Jazz Cava stands was dedicated to him, and finally Albert Bover, one of the most acclaimed pianists in the country.
Montoliu has always been associated with Terrassa since the summer of 1971 when he arrived in Terrassa by taxi looking for the Jazz Cava, which happened to be closed for the holidays. Shortly afterwards, Valentí Grau went to find him at the end of a concert in which he was performing with the Dexter Gordon Quartet and invited him over. “I went there, and I really liked it because it was a genuine jazz den; people went there to feel the jazz, not just to make out or be seen with the progres, like in other places. There was nothing like it anywhere else in Spain, and there never has been”*, he explained. Ever since then he was a regular in Terrassa. He even gave the club a grand piano after the Minister of Culture ignored a delegation made up of Tete himself, Lluís Rambla, Màrius Samarra and Valentí Grau which went to Madrid to ask for help in acquiring one.
The club is awarding the Jazzterrassman 2007 to the “blackest of European pianists”*, which was the description given on several occasions to the first professional jazz musician in Spain and the most international up until now.

*Tete. Quasi autobiografia. Jurado, Miquel. Ed. Proa, 1998.